The Iran-Iraq war began because there was fear that the revolution would spread to Iraq. The war took place between the dates of 1980-1990 between Ayatollah Khomeini and Saddam Hussein. The war in particular revolved around religion, however the north wanted to gain as much new territory as possible. George Bush assembled 30 countries together to join a coalition in the Iraq Kuwait war against Iraq. They did not want, and made sure that Israel did not join because they were afraid they would loose the support of the Arabs. After 4 days, Kuwait was liberated however there were 90,000 iraqi deaths. The gulf war was also based on religious issues. The oil wells were blown up, and it took many months for people to extinguish them. They put the exportation of oil on hold at this time as there was little export leaving Iraq. Hussein broke international laws, as he laughed the SCUD missiles on the Iranians and on the Kurds who were his own people. Both of these wars revolved around religion, and not so much on oil.


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    April 2013