Israel inherited a lot of new territory following the War of Independence, starting from the partition to the Negev Dessert. Because of this, the people started small terrorist attacks on the Jewish people in Israel. The Suez Crisis was extremely important because the British and French would no longer have the main power, and the Russians and Americans would take over. Even though Nasser has said that that they were not allowed to use the canal for trade, the Israels attacked and were so dominant that the Americans forced them to stop and they brought in UN peacekeepers, who were introduced by Lester Pearson. The 6 day war began as Nasser expelled the peacekeepers from the Canal area. However, the israels had knowledge that there would soon be an attack, therefore they destroyed the Egyptians airforce and took large amounts of new territory. After 6 days, the Israels announced that as long as they would be guaranteed peace. The Yon Kippur war was the Egyptian plan to secretly attack during the time of the Yom Kippur holiday. They have territorial gains near the beginning, however the United States sends in help to Israel. The result of the war ends with the boarders essentially staying the same. This cause OPEC to raise oil prices, and the West pushed for settlement. All of these events established Israel as a country, as each one showed Israels independence and willingness to fight if need be.


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    April 2013