Only one country had attained the right to vote in 1900, and by 1975 129 counties were allowed to vote. Although they had attained this right, there were still things that were un fair such as in education and pay. A big change in the 1960's was when women were exposed to, and given the choice to take birth control. This gave them the opportunity to chose weather they wanted, or did not want a family at a certain time. This gave them control, something that they did not have a lot of. This resulted in women being able to work the same hours as men, however they were not receiving the same pay. This was known and the pink collar syndrome. To end discrimination against women, the National organization for women was created and in 1973 a law created against abortion. The advancements made for African Americans was that they were freed from slavery in the 1860's, but there was not complete equality. After the desecration of schools, public housing buses and air terminals came soon after. JFK was unfortunately assassinated before the civil rights bill was passed, however Johnson was able to pass it allowing the government to stop funding any discriminatory programs. 



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