All-white National party comes to power in 1948, and Apartheid was their main agenda. A doctrine of white supremacy and separate development. Non whites South Africans could no longer mary outside of their own race, nor could they choose where to live, or travel where they liked. The whites made up 15% of the population yet owned 87% of the land, and the non-whites were forced to live on Bantustans, and they were enforced by the army and police force. The strongest resistance to the Aparthied was the African National Congress.  Their goal was to create a non-racial democracy.  Nelson Mandela became the leader of the African National Congress, however in 1964 he was arrested. In 1993 he won a nobel peace prize and in 1994 was elected as the first black president of South Africa. Every year the united nations fought and opposed it, and in 1963 they even tried to organize economic sanctions against S.A.  Finally, in the 1980's they officially declared the apartheid to be a crime against humanity. 


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